Jesus Shaped People


This was a key program which underpins our intentions today. Since doing this program we have done Cross Shaped People as a follow up. This   describes the program

  1. People

  2. a) On the Streets We go to people, rather than expect them to come to us. Bible Passage: Mark 3.7- 12

  3. b) On the Edge ’We step outside our circle, & reach people on the margins. Bible Passage: Mark 10. 46- 52

  4. c) Meeting real needs We scratch where they itch! Bible Passage: Mark 7. 24- 37

  5. Teaching

  6. a) Capturing hearts We are here to ‘change the world’ Bible Passage: Mark 1.14- 22

  7. b) Unlearning ’We let go of non-Christian ideas and opinions. Bible Passage: Mark 7.14- 23

  8. c) Story Telling We tell stories that capture truth about God and people. Bible Passage: Mark 4.1-9

  9. Team Building

  10. a) Common Purpose We see the big task and make common commitment to it. Bible Passage: Mark 8.2 – 9.1

  11. b) Renewed Relationships We tackle the things that could undermine the ‘big task’. Bible Passages: Mark 9.30 – 37 and Mark 10 35 – 45

  12. c) Training on the Job We learn from doing it!  Bible Passage: Mark 6.6-13

  13. Prayer

  14. a) Waiting on God We make space for God in daily life. Bible Passage: Mark 1.35- 39


Dear Friend,

We hope that, like us, you are awaiting our JSP program with real enthusiasm!   It’s been great to see how our Church leadership has taken Jesus Shaped People on board.

It’s something that’s going to help us to clarify our

foundation and direction, and re-shape and energize our mission.  

We have sensed God’s hand in all this, and we are expecting real fruitfulness in our lives and in our church through it.

Over the page is an outline of JSP which identifies the five main themes in the ministry of Jesus.  You’ll notice how each of the five main themes have a three-week focus, with a weekly bible passage that will be vital. The whole program is 15 weeks.  Please keep this handy for reference!

The program is going to encompass the whole life of our church.  It will touch on ALL that we do in this period. The main thrust will be through our Sunday worship and house group program.  The house groups will be particularly important – so if you do not normally take part in house groups we would urge you to do so.  And of course we will look for a special contribution to JSP from our children and young people

Developing our Church by being ‘Jesus shaped ‘ Let’s be adventurous and imaginative in developing ideas for promoting Jesus Shaped People!  Maybe some folks could get their creative talents applied to this, perhaps through songwriting or banner making – or even baking! There are a few weeks to go before JSP begins. Please keep the program in your prayers as we prepare to make a start.   We will then be able to come to the start of JSP with real freshness of body, mind and spirit to launch ourselves into it.  Nothing is of greater significance than encountering Jesus in a way that reshapes us both in our hearts, and in our actions.  Please give it your best shot!  


Rev’d Carl and Rev’d David